Cars in the Future

One of the things that have already changed in the automotive industry is the way cars are powered. We can predict that in the future almost all if not all cars will use electricity as a power source.

   Another change we are progressively seeing is the autopilot mode. Nowadays, we can find vehicles that have lane keep assistance or autopilot for parking. We will have more cars like the Tesla Model 3 that go out of parking to pick you up from where you are.

   Future autopilot systems will be able to drive the car while you can relax, read, sleep, watch tv during your ride. That is the purpose of the new Volvo 360C. The concept of the car is to take you to places without having you driving all the time. For instance, if someone needs to travel long distances, instead of taking a plane, they can drive their car without having to worry about getting worn out because they can sleep and relax during the trip.
You can learn more about the Volvo 360C in this video.

  The future autopilot cars will be very secure. The likelihood of a system related accident is very small because of their incredible security system.

  Another example of a vehicle of the future is the Mercedes Benz "Vision Urbanetic". It is designed for the transport of people and goods. It offers two different modules: a cargo module and a people module. It is 100% autonomous and has an electric power chassis (this makes it noiseless).

You can see more in this video.

    Audi has created the Sky Sphere. It is an incredible car of the future which is 100% autonomous but can be changed into a sports car. There is a sport mode that gives you all the control of the car and lets you drive it. It also adjusts the size and becomes more compact.

The cars' incredible design, engineering and lights paired with the materials used to build it, makes the Audi Sky Sphere one of the most amazing cars ever seen.

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