Do you need winter tires?

Do you need winter tires?

With the Buy-2-Get-2 FREE tire deal at SVG Motors, it’s finally affordable to get those new tires you need. With the colder months creeping up on us very soon, many customers have been asking if they need winter tires. This blog post will help you explore what winter tires about so you can decide if you need them.

First, it’s important to distinguish between snow/winter tires and all-season tires. All-season tires are designed to give adequate traction in rain, snow, and dry/hot climates. Despite the fact that they can be used in cold, snowy weather, they don’t have the same features that winter tires do. Winter tires have a rugged tread pattern and use a softer rubber compound. By being more pliable, soft compound tires can grab the snow and throw it off of the tire as it rotates. The knobby tread provides better traction, improved cornering, and improved braking power.

The benefit of having winter tires is that you’ll have much better control of your vehicle in snow and ice. This can help reduce the likelihood of weather-related accidents. However, winter tires are not appropriate for use during temperate months, so you’ll need to switch back to different tires in the spring. This means you’ll have the cost of maintaining two sets of tires for your vehicle along with the cost of mounting and balancing each set of tires when the season changes.

The question then becomes, “is the cost worth it?” According to most industry experts, the answer is YES if temperatures are normally below 45 degrees F for several months in a row. Winter tires aren’t just designed for snow; they’re also designed for cold roads and ice. If they can help you stop several feet sooner than all-season tires and you avoid plowing into an obstacle, and your insurance deductible is $500, you just saved yourself the cost of the tires by not making an insurance claim.

If you aren’t sure whether you’d benefit from having a set of winter tires, feel free to call our friendly technicians at SVG Motors. They’ll be happy to help you figure out whether or not you’ll need winter tires.

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