Decoding Traffic Sign Colors

Decoding Traffic Sign Colors


For new drivers, learning the ways of the road can be daunting. To help new drivers navigate, we’re offering these helpful tips to understand what different color road signs mean.


RED:  When you see a red sign, it means stop, do not enter, wrong way.


Orange: Orange signs mean you’re in (or entering a construction zone). Orange signs will also provide drivers cautionary information about the construction zone (such as detour routes, temporary speed limits, etc.).


Yellow:  Like a yellow light on a traffic light, yellow means caution. Yellow signs indicate unexpected roadway conditions such as a sharp curve ahead.


Fluorescent Yellow/Green:  These are extreme caution signs to alert drivers to be cautious of an upcoming school zone, pedestrian traffic, or bicycling activity.


White: White signs are regulatory, and display information such as speed limits.


Green:  Green signs indicate directional information such as highway exit information.


Blue: Motorist service guidance, such as indication of a handicapped parking space.


Brown:  These signs indicate areas of public recreation such as state park entrances, cultural and historical significance.

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