What to Consider When Buying an SUV

Are you part of growing family? Is child #1, #2 or even #3 on the way? Does your car need more room? Are you looking for a new vehicle to make room for new additions to the family? Well, there are some things to consider; because, like every major investment, thorough research and planning is fundamental in determining whether the vehicle you want will suit your needs.

The most common family friendly car these days is the SUV. SUVs aren’t just a popular choice for families, but also people who enjoy road trips, the great outdoors, four wheel driving and a thirst for adventure. If you’re in for one or a combination of these factors, perhaps a SUV is the right choice for you. But first - check out these five factors to consider when buying an SUV:

1. Size Matters
There are a range of compact, mid-size or large SUVs available in the market - the appropriate size depends on the size of your family and your intended use of the vehicle. Also, consider how much space you will regularly need in the boot, the number of seats or people the car can hold accordingly to your state’s automobile laws.

2. Sports vs. Suburban
Suburban-UVs generally have good fuel efficiency, are often more comfortable and luxurious, and offer a smoother ride. On the other hand, while Sports-UVs are heavier, they are sturdier, can tow more and are designed for off-road adventures.

3. Fuel Efficiency
Due their size and functionalities, SUVs tend to consume more fuel than a sedan or hatchback. Compact SUVs usually have four to six cylinder engines making them very fuel efficient; mid-size SUVs have six to eight; while large SUVs tend to consume more fuel than the more compact versions.

4. Features
Common, or extra, features available on most SUVs today include sunroofs, air-conditioning, built-in navigation systems, Bluetooth, keyless entry and start, parking sensors and rear camera, safety features, tinted windows, alloy wheels and touchscreen multimedia.

5. Price
The average price of an SUV in can range anywhere $20,000 to $100,000, depending on your budget, size, make and model preference, and feature requirements.

Once you’ve decided on the SUV that suits your needs the best, call one of our sales experts. Their job is to help you get the best value on your new (or new-to-you!) SUV.