Tips to Help Avoid Vehicle Break-Ins

Car vandalism is a common crime and any car owner can become a victim of it. If you leave your car unattended for even a few minutes, a thief could try to break in and rob you of your valuables. Car break-ins are hard to stop but there are ways through which they can be prevented.

Don’t Leave Valuables in the Car

The easiest way of ensuring that you don’t lose any valuable stuff like your purse, laptop or iPod is to not leave them in the car when you get out. Make sure that the thief doesn’t have any valuables to steal even if he breaks into the car.

Keep the Car Clean

Don’t leave any bags or boxes lying around on the seats or dashboard of the car even if they don’t contain anything valuable. Thieves consider bags to contain valuables and won’t think twice before breaking your window glass if they see them present inside the car.

Install a Detachable Stereo Face

Car stereos are very high on the list of items that car thieves love to smash and grab from parked vehicles. To prevent your car stereo from being stolen, installing a detachable stereo face is a good idea as it will fool the thief into thinking that the stereo is out of order.

Park the Car in Public Spaces

Secluded and private parking spots are targeted the most by car thieves. These criminals don’t like attention and thus go after cars which are parked outside of the public eye. Thus, parking in public spaces can keep your car safe from being vandalized.

Invest in a Car Alarm

Car alarms are noisy and can go off sometimes for no reason at all. However, there is no denying that they can deter car thieves very effectively. Even a car alarm that is only there for show can keep the car thieves from targeting your car.

Keep Your Car Locked

This is a no-brainer, really. You must always lock the car doors and keep the windows up when leaving the car. This will make the thieves work to steal anything from the car which might compel them to leave your car and look for an easier target.

Car break-ins can result in considerable car damage. The car windows can get smashed irrespective of whether something is stolen or not. If you are a victim of car vandalism, you must assess the damage and then call the police. It is wise to cancel any stolen cards too.