Educational Series, Part 4 - Finding What You Really Want

Educational Series:  Tips for Buying a New Vehicle

Part 4 – Finding What You Really Want

The SVG Motors Auto Group family of dealerships is committed to providing Superior Value on every vehicle purchase. Value means more than a good price, though. Value means you get true, tangible benefits from our Superior Value Guarantee such as 3 years of free oil changes, one year of free paintless dent removal, and more. Bringing our customers value also means providing them with facts and sharing our automotive knowledge. We work hard to educate you so that even if you don’t buy your vehicle from an SVG dealership, you’ll have received an insider’s view on how the automotive world works so that you know how to negotiate a fair deal when buying your next vehicle.

Of course we certainly do want you to be our customer, so we invite you to check out any one of our six locations when you’re shopping for your next vehicle. Since a new car, truck, or van purchase is a major investment for most people, we’ve put together a list of some of the best tips you can use when it’s time for a new vehicle to ensure you’re getting the best value. This series of tips will be presented over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back often for more Vehicle Buying Tips.

Finding the Right Vehicle for your Lifestyle and Budget

Assuming you had unlimited funding and the sky was the limit, you’d probably chose a very impractical vehicle as your dream ride. Of course, we all live in the real world and have boundaries and budgets, so SVG is here to help you find the right vehicle for you, your budget and your lifestyle. Let’s get to it!

Step 1 – Consider your family size. Are you single? Married? Have lots of children? Maybe you’re single, but taking care of elderly family members. You’ll need to choose a vehicle that has room for everyone. Don’t forget – even if you’re single but you’re the friend who’s the taxi driver every weekend, you’re going to need more seating than average! If you’re not regularly transporting 8 people at once, you probably don’t need something with 3rd row seating. But if you’re a sports mom who gets the kids and their teammates to practice on a regular basis, 3rd row seating just might be for you! Thinking about how many people you’ll need room for in your vehicle may seem overly obvious and you may be thinking, “Well DUH, wouldn’t everyone consider this?” The truth is no, not everyone remembers to think about this before making a vehicle choice and it’s lead to some interesting situations for some people! **Pets are family, too! If you regularly take your pet(s) on road trips, don’t forget to calculate room for them, too!

Step 2 – Lifestyle Uses. If you have (or plan to buy) a boat, ATV, snowmobile, or other recreational vehicle that you’ll need to transport to use, you’re going to need something with a good towing capacity (and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a truck!) Do you like to go camping? Cruise around town or take long drives for relaxation? Will you just be driving back and forth to work? Like to shop for antiques, furniture or other large items? All of these lifestyle choices will help you narrow down what you need.

At this point, you should have given some thought to how many people you’ll be transporting as well as any other activities you’ll need to consider to make a choice. Be sure to check in tomorrow as we will be listing lots of different vehicle makes and models and showcasing how well each one fits into the above lifestyles and family sizes.

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