March Madness, Round One – Game Two

It's Round 1, Game 2 in the March Madness Showdown!

In game 1, the Gladiator was victorious. In game 2, we see the Chevy Silverado running against the GMC Sierra. Think the trucks are the identical since they're both built by GM? Think again! It's true that mechanically they are similar, but make no mistake, there are differences that cause some people to choose one over the other. Here's what separates the two:


The platform similarities end once you're out from under the hood. The exterior views of these trucks are vastly different.


Of course, the features are similar, however the 2019 Sierra offers a few things the Silverado does not (besides a small price increase):

- Carbon Fiber Bed
- Multipro tailgate
- Adaptive ride control

So what do you think? Are you a "Bowtie 'til you die" Silverado fan or do you prefer the looks of the Sierra?  Vote now by visiting our Facebook post!

More March Madness Fun!

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