If you value these things, you’ll buy your next car from a dealership

So it’s time to look for a new-to-you vehicle. You’ve started browsing online, and narrowed your choices down to a few different models. If you’re like most people, you have two options from here: see what’s on Craigslist or start looking at what dealerships like SVG Motors has to offer. Many people think that they’re going to get a better deal if they buy from someone on Craigslist, but in the majority of cases, that’s simply not true, especially if you value your safety and your sanity. In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons why buying your next vehicle from SVG Motors is a benefit to you, your wallet and your safety.

Extra Choices

You found the vehicle you want. It’s the perfect make, model, and year. It even has all of the features you want. Except it’s red. Or blue. Or any color except the color you want. Do you just settle or do you start your search over again? At SVG Motors, you don’t have to settle OR search. Our sales staff can find the exact car you want so you don’t have to settle for a model that doesn’t make your dreams come true. Relax, and let us find it for you.

Another great benefit to shopping at SVG Motors is that you have the option to buy things like extended warranties and service plans. The cost of these can be bundled into your vehicle loan so that you don’t have to come up with a lump sum for them. It’s a wise investment to help protect your vehicle and keep it running for many years down the road. Buying from SVG Motors means you’ll get other benefits you’ll never find buying from a private seller on Craigslist. Every vehicle sold at SVG comes with the Superior Value Guarantee. With it, you receive 3 years of free oil changes, plus a host of other services that not only add value to your deal, but are things you’ll never find from a private seller.


Another benefit of buying from dealers is that their reputations matter. While some dealers have earned bad reputations, SVG Motors has earned hundreds and hundreds of 5 star reviews because of their dedication to customer service and accountability. If you buy a car from a private seller and you have a problem soon after the sale, the seller won’t be able to give you mechanical help or any other kind of resolution to any problem.  At SVG Motors, our pre-owned vehicles come with a 3 month/3,000 mile warranty. Our employees work very hard to ensure your satisfaction.

Shopping hours

It’s pretty likely that a private seller will need you to work with their schedule for a test drive or showing. That might mean you can only see the car during certain hours when the seller isn’t at work. At SVG Motors, you can shop our entire inventory online 24/7. Plus, when you’re ready to test drive, we’re open from 9am until 8pm Monday through Friday and from 9am until 6pm on Saturdays. If you live a very busy life, SVG Motors can even deliver your vehicle to you.

Financing for all situations

If you have credit challenges, securing a loan on your own to purchase a vehicle from a private seller can be daunting, and can lead to serious frustration. There will be lots of paperwork to fill out and plenty of documents you’ll need to bring. Buying from SVG Motors makes this process a lot smoother and easier. Sure, you’ll need to bring a few documents to the dealership (driver’s license, pay stubs, etc.) but we have financing professionals who have established relationships with dozens of lenders to find the right loan to fit your specific situation. Our Finance team will explore every possible option to help you get into the car of your dreams.

Furthermore, there are many lending companies that simply won’t loan money to you when you want to purchase from a private seller. The risk to the lending company is too large because there is no way to verify the car’s history or that the seller has accurately valued the vehicle. Even if a lending company will loan you money for a pre-owned car purchased from a private seller, they’ll typically charge a much higher interest rate because of the risk they’re taking. With the reliable data supplied by SVG Motors including CarFax reports and accurate pricing supplied by Kelley Blue Book, our lending partners trust that they’re making a good investment by loaning money to you.

Safety First

Craigslist and other online classified sites can be scary places. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to hear horror stories of people being taken advantage of in a multitude of ways when meeting up with strangers to buy vehicles. For example, a young man who lives in the Dayton area has a Craigslist horror story. This happened in 2017. The young man found a car he was interested in on Craigslist. He texted the seller and they agreed to meet in a parking lot in Huber Heights. The meeting was taking place in the late afternoon, with at least an hour or two of daylight left so the buyer could inspect the car. He brought cash and a friend with him. The friend came to provide some extra safety, plus if he decided to buy the car, he’d have someone to drive his old car home. The buyer and seller meet up on time in the parking lot. The buyer approaches the seller; they talk for a few minutes about the car for sale. The seller walks toward the buyer’s vehicle and makes some small talk about his car, and sees that the buyer has brought a friend with him. The friend gets out of the car and approaches the seller and to say hello. The buyer now has both men out of the car at which point, the seller pulls a gun out and robs the men. He takes the seller’s cash, his wallet, his cell phone, the keys to his car, his friend’s cash, cell phone, and wallet, all the while holding them at gun point. Once the robber has taken all he wants, he escapes in the vehicle he brought to “sell”.  The men, although unharmed, were shaken. They ran into the store to ask employees to call the police. Luckily, the Huber Heights police were able to track the robbers down very quickly and were able to return the stolen goods to the young men. They got lucky; many people have lost their lives in similar situations.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only kind of setup or scam you’ll find through private sellers. Many listings you’ll find are actually nothing more than scams and there is no actual item for sale at all. There are a lot of different methods these unscrupulous people will use to defraud you. Sometimes the scams are obvious. So much so that  they can actually be amusing, unless you’ve been the one who was taken advantage of. Want to read about some of the scams you’ll find? Check this out: https://www.fraudguides.com/internet/craigslist/car-scams/

Not convinced that a dealership is the best way to buy a car? On Reddit, there is a whole thread dedicated to users telling stories about the scary, ridiculous, funny or terrifying experiences they’ve had as buyers or sellers of Craigslist items. You can read it here.

No selling hassle

It's true; selling your old car on Craigslist can be just as difficult as trying to buy a new one. Whether you're a seller or a buyer, you're subjecting yourself to any number of dangerous scenarios. With SVG Motors, you can skip the hassle of trying to sell your old car. You can trade it in and use its value toward the purchase of your new vehicle.

Another potential hassle of trying to sell your car by yourself is if you currently have a loan on your vehicle. Dealing with the bank and buyer to get the title transferred out of your name and into the buyer's name is time consuming and a pain. Also, if you have negative equity (your car is worth less than what you still owe on it), you'll have to come up with the extra cash to pay off the loan before you can sell it. At SVG Motors, our Finance experts make trading in your car simple as can be.

In summary

It’s easy to see why shopping at SVG Motors is the safest, most reliable way to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. All customers  will be treated with respect, courtesy, and compassion. Our expert Finance Managers will work hard to find loans for just about every situation, and our sales staff will be glad to help you find the exact car you want. On top of that, you’ll get the Superior Value Guarantee. You can even take 7 days to love your new vehicle or return it! Stop in or call today and let our professional staff help make your dream car a reality.




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