Synthetic motor oil – what is it and why would you want it?

Chances are, you know that you have two major choices for engine oil in your vehicle – conventional and synthetic. We’ve heard a lot of people balk when they realize that synthetic oil costs more than conventional. Before you decide to save a few bucks and use conventional oil, we’d like to show you how synthetic oil could actually save you money.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the most obvious reason for the price difference between the two types of oil. Conventional oil is refined from crude oil that’s pumped from the ground. Although the refinement process is costly (conventional oil contains a wide range of elements such as oxygen, nitrogen and metals that need to be removed), it is still less expensive than the cost to manufacture synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is engineered so that it is much purer, has a stable molecular composition, and provides superior performance.

So if it synthetic oil costs more, you might be wondering how it could save you money. Good question. If your vehicle was made in the past 10 years or so, it’s highly likely that it requires the use of synthetic oil. Today’s vehicles are designed to provide cleaner emissions, which require superior performance – synthetic oil can help achieve this. If your vehicle requires the use of synthetic oil and you use conventional oil, you could be headed for some extremely expensive engine repairs. It’s important to remember that if your vehicle was designed for conventional oil, you CAN switch to synthetic. However, if your vehicle was designed for synthetic, you CAN’T switch to conventional.

Another way in which synthetic oil can save you money is due to its superior performance over conventional oil. Synthetic oil protects an engine’s internal parts better, plus it lasts longer than conventional oil. Being able to go longer between oil changes saves you money. Also, since synthetic oil lubricates engines so well, it can improve fuel efficiency. The amount of lubrication it provides means engines perform better upon start up, as well as in extreme temperatures.

Finally, if you have an older vehicle with high miles that’s used conventional oil during its lifespan, switching to synthetic oil can actually help clean up sludge and deposits in your engine. This is a process that should be done in careful steps, however. Done properly, it can not only help clean up the internal components of your engine, it could actually help your engine last a bit longer.

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