You've been doing this car maintenance task wrong for years

There's something you've been doing wrong for years. Don't worry though, you're not damaging anything. Wonder what it is? You're holding the bottle wrong when adding engine oil!

According to the designers of the bottle, there's a right way and a wrong way to hold the bottle when you pour. Most people hold the bottle with the spout at the bottom, closest to the engine. Designers say this is incorrect, because holding the bottle in this way allows air to enter which disrupts the flow of oil and causes it to spill, gurgle, and burp. This is also why the spout is positioned slightly off-center. The picture to the left shows the incorrect way to pour oil.

To properly pour oil, hold the bottle with the spout on top. This greatly reduces the chances of air entering the bottle. The oil will flow out smoothly in a steady, even stream. Using this method, you're more likely to end up with all of the oil in the funnel instead of on your engine.
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