What your wiper blades are telling you

Wiper blades are so under-appreciated. We have a bad habit of taking them for granted. We ignore them, don’t give them any love, and then when we need them, they’re there for us regardless of our neglect. If we start paying some attention to our wiper blades, not only will they be able to tell us what’s going on, they’ll last longer.

When you wash your car, wash your wipers, too. Take a damp, soapy sponge and wipe the blades lengthwise. Rinse well with clean water. Keeping your windshield free of bug guts, bird poo and other nasties will help keep your blades from getting damaged.

If you’ve managed to get more than 6 months of good use out of your wipers, congratulations! They’ve lasted longer than their expected useful life span. It’s a good practice to have your blades changed in spring and fall. However, if you’ve forgotten to do this, your blades will likely start showing you signs of how they’re suffering. Here’s what the most common symptoms and their causes are:


Wiper Problem



Rubber has hardened or cracked

Tree sap, sealcoat or road tar, road grime


Distorted curve in blade

Turning off wipers while they’re resting in the middle of the windshield

Uneven smears

Splitting of blade edge, foreign substance caught in blade

Just about any foreign substance on a windshield can cause this.


Blade has hardened due to age

Heat, cold, and age makes rubber less supple

Basically, if your wipers skip, streak, split, or squeak, they should be replaced. If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself, our technicians will be happy to get a new set on your car. Once it starts raining, you’ll be VERY glad you got them!




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