Here's why topping off your gas tank is a bad idea

Many people like to squeeze in as much fuel as possible when they fill up their tank so they can go longer between fill ups. What most people don't realize is that this is a bad idea. In this blog entry, we tell you why overfilling your tank isn't a great thing to do.

Have you ever been tempted to keep filling your tank until the cost reaches an even number, such as $30 so you don't have to dig for change in your purse or car? At one point, we've all probably done just that. Industry experts are warning against doing this, though. Wonder why? It can cause your dashboard to display the check engine light!

Cars that have been built recently are equipped with an evaporative system to help protect the environment from gasoline vapors escaping into the atmosphere. By overfilling your tank, you risk gasoline running into the charcoal canister that is designed to trap vapors, not liquids. Since the canister is designed to handle vapors, the liquid fuel can damage the canister and cause debris to enter your system. System components such as solenoids, sensors and valves can be damaged by the liquid fuel -- and can also be expensive to repair.

Your best bet is to stop pumping as soon as the pump clicks out the first time. If you've mistakenly overfilled your tank and soon after experienced a mysterious check engine light issue, schedule an appointment with the SVG Service Department. Our qualified, professional technicians will be able to diagnose whether a tank overfill triggered the light or if your engine is experiencing some other issue.
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