Here's how to take care of your power windows

Power windows are pretty much a standard feature in all vehicles now. How often do you see people with duct tape on their windows because of issues with their power windows though? While power windows are a great feature, it can be really frustrating when they don't work properly and let's face it, this is a feature we really take for granted because we don't realize how useful they are until they don't work. So to help you keep your power windows working properly, we're offering up some advice on how to keep them in great shape.

Most power windows consist of multiple components: the window glass, a motor, a regulator, switches, and a channel. Often, the rollers in the channel will be made from lightweight plastic and those parts break fairly easily. Unfortunately there isn't much that can be done about that. However, there are some practices you use to help take care of the other components to ensure you get the most life out of these parts as possible. They are:

1.) Release the button as soon as the window is fully up or down. Don't continue holding the button down; this puts undue stress on the motor, regulator and switch.
2.) Make sure to keep your window glass clean. Roll the glass down half way and wipe the edges. Ensure that no sticky residue is on the windows in any place. These substances can gunk up the tracks and channels, or cause the glass to "hang" making the motor and regulator work harder to lift or lower the glass.
3.) Use a light coat of dry silicone spray on the channels. This extra lubrication reduces friction making the motor's job easier.
4.) Don't slam your doors when you shut them.
5.) If you want to hang your arm out of the window, ensure that the window is fully lowered. If the window isn't fully lowered, you're resting your arm on the glass which could cause it to flex and weaken any plastic components inside.

Remember, if you do experience any problems with your power windows, our service department technicians can fix them! We know you don't want to roll up to the drive-thru and have to open your door to order!
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