SVG Motors employees dish on their favorite rides under $50K

Everyone has their own “fantasy” car. For some, it might be a Lamborghini. For others, it might be a Tesla Roadster. Since none of us at SVG has hit the lottery, we asked some car-enthusiast employees what their favorite realistic rides are. The questions were simple:

1.)   Pick your favorite car that costs $50K or less;
2.)   Tell us what features make this car your favorite choice.


Jonah Reynolds, Digital Programs Manager


“The Toyota Tacoma. Four-cylinder, four-wheel drive version. It fits my lifestyle and offers opportunity to move large items but it’s not so much vehicle that its cumbersome like a full-size vehicle. Also, I think Toyota is a reliable brand.”

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Carrie Farris, Sales Consultant


“My favorite car under $50k is the Mercedes Benz we have here at SVG Motors. I drove it today and I’m impressed with the luxury features and feeling you get for only $24,000. I fell in love with this car!”

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Darryl McKinney, Sales Consultant

“My pick is a Hyundai Genesis. It has all of the luxury features you want without the luxury price. It’s comparable to an Audi or BMW without the same price tag. It’s got some great features such as rear reclining seats that are heated or cooled.”

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Sam Peffley, Inventory Strategist

“The Ford Focus ST is my favorite. It has a lot of horsepower but yet it’s good on gas. It’s a Focus on steroids – it comes standard with a body kit.”

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Lynn Mitchell, Director of Marketing

“The Chevy Silverado is my favorite vehicle under $50k because it is so versatile. It's fuel efficient enough to be a daily driver yet it has great horsepower and torque so you can easily haul toys such as racecars or boats! It's super comfortable and has a lot of technology features for an outstanding price. Plus, I think it's the best looking truck on the market!”

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 So, what's your favorite affordable ride? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts!

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