how to jump start a car

It is so easy to forget that your car lights are on all night or when you go on vacation and when you get back your car doesn't start. Don't panic, it is an easy fix. 

All you need are jumper cables and a power source, this can be a neighbor's car.

Jumper cables are two long insulated cables with clips on the ends. These clips are called alligator clips. The red clip is the positive pole and the black clip is the negative one.

Some jumper cables come with a jumper box where you can connect them so you don't need another car's assistance. 

The car battery has two nubs. The bigger nub is the positive one and it is marked with "POS" or  "+". The smaller nub is the negative one and it is marked with "NEG" or "-".

First of all read the user manual, some cars are not recommended for jump starting because they have sensitive circuits.

Never let the clips touch together.

Do not jump broken batteries.


  1. Take your jumper cables

  2. Place the vehicles in neutral or park mode

  3. Shut off ignition in both vehicles

  4. Attach one red clip to the positive nub of your car and the other red clip to the other car's positive nub.

  5. Then attach one black clip to the negative nub of the other car and the last black clip to any unpainted metal on your vehicle that is far from the battery.

  6. Now start the working car and let it charge your car's battery for a few minutes.

  7. You can turn on the lights inside your vehicle and if it does work your battery should be charged, so now you can try and start your vehicle.

  8. If your car doesn't start, check that all the connections are well made and if they are, maybe your battery needs to be replaced.

  9. Then unclip the clips in the reverse order. First the one clipped to the metal, then the other black clip, then the red clip on your car and finally the last red clip.

Now drive at least for 15 minutes and you are done!