Extended Warranty

A service contract, also called an extended warranty, is a contract that covers the problems or repairs a vehicle can have after the warranty expires. This warranty is provided by the manufacturer and it covers the repair expenses just for a few years, so when it expires you can search for a service contract that covers some or most of the expenses.

You can buy a service contract from your car dealer. 

The coverage depends on the company and the contract but usually they cover engine, transmission, air conditioning and other breakdowns. 

Before purchasing a car service contract, read carefully all the conditions, if they cover accidental damages, if they are not going to pay for damage caused by not taking the car for routine maintenance stipulated by the provider… Sometimes they do not cover certain parts or certain breakdowns. 

Another thing you have to check is if they pay directly for the repairs or if you have to pay first, and then they reimburse you the costs.

The price of the plans depends on the vehicle, age, mileage…

ALLY Major Guard

At SVG we work with Ally, one of the best companies for service contracts.

Major Guard Ⓡ is a plan that offers more than 7500 Covered Components, including high-tech items. It is the ultimate choice in premium coverage. With the technology we can find nowadays on cars it is very important that you are covered to avoid high repair costs.

Disappearing deductible option and deliver 24/7 roadside assistance with flat tire change, towing, battery jump, Locksmith/key service and out-of-gas fuel delivery, alternate transportation and trip interruption.

Here is a list of parts covered by Major GuardⓇ plan:

High-Tech Components: Feel comfortable knowing that every Hi-tech component on your vehicle is protected.

Engine Components: Due to technology in today's engines you have to make sure you are covered here.

Transmission/Transaxle/Transfer Case Components

Front/Rear/All-Wheel-Drive Components

Fuel Delivery Components: You can find numerous expensive hi-tech components here and sensors. This plan offers coverage on almost everything here.

Climate Control Components: Heating and cooling, including the compressor, condenser and blower motor.

Suspension and Front/Rear Wheel Drive: From ball joints to axels, struts/shocks, bearings and more.

Electrical and computer components: Covered from wiper motors to ignition modules.

Steering Components: Power steering pump, steering column and all internal parts.

Braking System Components: Braking systems are complex and expensive. Everything here is included except for the normal wear items like shoes, pads and rotors.

Safety Components: Air bags, wire harnesses, door locks and others. 

Engine Cooling Components

Extra Perks

This and more advantages are offered by this service contract.

Depending on the plan you choose the deductible may vary between $0, $50, $100 or $200. 

All the plans are transferable to a new owner. 

Whenever you buy a used car, make sure to check the remaining time of the original warranty, or if the mileage is higher than the one stipulated on the warranty conditions, to look for the best option for your service contract coverage.

Check on your dealer to be well informed before purchasing any service contract.

Please check for more information terms and conditions and to see what is not covered here: ALLY PREMIER PROTECTION