2020 Toyota RAV4 - Quick Look

Manufacturer Summary: 

Underneath RAV4's rugged good looks are capabilities that reveal the potential of where you can go, on- or off-road.


          Toyota quality & reliability

          Roomy interior

          Powerful hybrid models

          Apple CarPlay/Android Auto both standard

          Light off-road ability

What's New For 2020

          Android Auto

          TRD Off-Road trim

          SiriusXM added to LE & XLE audio systems (3-month free trail)

          Power driver's seat added to XLE trim

          Reshuffling of some features into new packages

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2020 Toyota Corolla - Quick Look

Manufacturer Summary: 

Corolla has the latest tech, like an available 8-in. touch-screen display and standard Apple CarPlay®  compatibility that works with your iPhone®.


          Choice of three powerplants, including a 53-mpg hybrid

          Robust suite of standard safety features

          Apple CarPlay & Amazon Alexa standard

          Enjoyable & comfortable driving manners

          Stylish design inside & out

What's New For 2020

          All-new design for 2020

          Corolla Hybrid is first such gas-electric Corolla for U.S. market

          New rear-suspension configuration for improved handling

          More upscale interior than before

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I keep hearing about Lane Keep Assist. What is it?

Lane keeping assist nudges a vehicle that is drifting out of its lane back into the intended lane of travel. This technology is frequently, but not always, included when a vehicle has a lane departure warning system.

To prevent the vehicle from drifting out of the lane, the steering makes a small correction or a small degree of braking force is applied to the front wheel opposite of the one about to drift out of the lane. When the correction occurs, the driver must center the vehicle in the lane of travel.

If the driver fails to center the car, it will drift to the opposite side of the lane where the lane keeping assist will once again steer or brake to prevent a lane departure. At this point, the car is essentially bouncing between the lane markings. Ultimately, without driver intervention, the angle of lane departure becomes too severe and the lane keeping assist system cannot prevent the vehicle from leaving the lane.